First event! Friday November 1st

The very first Quiltbag Cabaret is coming up and we’re very excited! (If you’re into Facebook, there’s an event page here.)

In the lounge we’ll have comedy from Zim, music from Phousa, and poetry from Hannah Chutzpah, all compered by the delightful Lucy Ayrton. In the arts room, Naomi Goldsmith will be leading a painting workshop and Sasha McKenna will be running a stitching circle.

It all takes place in the East Oxford Community Centre from 7:45pm on Friday 1st November. Tickets are £7/£5 and can be bought in advance online or on the door. For more information about the venue, see Venue and Accessibility.

In the cabaret lounge….

Picture of ZimZim, armed with PhDs in “Denying Adulthood” and “Looking Deeply Displeased No Matter The Occasion,” has struggled for years to find the right outlets for expressing their numerous grievances with life. Sure; playing in The Mechanisms has begun to address their concerns with how few people are aware of how unquestionably awesome they are, and vlogging with Acetronauts is set to help with the issue of people knowing jack about Asexuality, but what do they do with all their anger – ranging from Entirely Legitimate to Self-Parody – about how *weird* life is? Well, ramble about it at length to any audience who’ll listen, of course.

Picture of Phousa playing guitarPhousa

The local acoustic singer-songwriter tells tales of love and loves losses, whisking her audience away on hopeful daydreams and leaving them with a warm sense of nostalgia.
twitter @Phousa_Music

Hannah ChutzpahHannah Chutzpah is a poet and activist living and working in London, who writes wry, funny, feminist and heartfelt poems. She runs the Whippersnapper Press‘s annual Vogon Poetry Slam and holds the title ‘Zombie of the Year’ 2011.
Hannah has played the odd festivals and lots of rooms above pubs. She has been described as ‘fine’ by three therapists; ‘of good character’ by a high court judge; and as a ‘potential maggot-thrower’ by the Metropolitan police.

In the art room….

Stitching circle
Sasha McKenna will be leading our regular stitching circle.  You could bring your own projects to work on or if you’d rather, we’ll be providing a variety of crafting materials for you to get your hands on. We also have yarn, needles and an experienced knitting teacher who can show you the basics in an evening. This being the Quiltbag Cabaret, we’ll be collecting squares to sew into a huge quilt made by our lovely audience and performers. If you would like to contribute, come and talk to Sasha in the art room about making your own square.


Naomi Goldsmith is a local artist and creative facilitator. She’ll be inviting guests at Quiltbag Cabaret to paint images on acetate which will be attached to a trellis. The effect is like a beautiful patchwork of stained glass. You can find out more about Naomi and her work at Goldsmith Studio.

Naomi Goldsmith with trellises

Naomi also runs creativity courses based on Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way”. To find out more, talk to Naomi at the event or see her website:

Next event

Are you looking forward to this so much you want to know when the next event is too? The second Quiltbag Cabaret will be on 6th December, same time, same place.

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