Next event: Friday 6th December

After the success of the first Quiltbag Cabaret, we’re already looking forward to the second! If you enjoyed the November event, please tell everyone you know and encourage them to come along to the next one. There’s a facebook event here.

In the cabaret lounge we’ll have comedy by Sasha Rocket, polite murder ballads by Jessica Law, and poetry by UK Slam Champion Stephanie Dogfoot. This will be Steph’s last UK gig for a while so we’re very glad to have her! The cabaret is compered by Lucy Ayrton. In the arts room, you can try your hand at creative card making with Nim and screenprinting with Ellen from Green Shell Printworks. As usual, there will be the opportunity to knit and contribute to our quilt, as well as drawing materials and plenty of glitter!

As with the first event, it takes place in the East Oxford Community Centre from 7:45pm. Tickets are £7/£5 and can be bought in advance online or on the door. For more information about the venue, see Venue and Accessibility.

Last month we raised £50 for the Albert Kennedy Trust. This month we’ll be holding a raffle – again with excellent prizes donated by our performers – to raise money for Broken Rainbow, a charity dedicated to confronting and eliminating domestic violence within and against the LGBT communities.

In the cabaret lounge…

Stephanie DogfootStephanie Dogfoot is a spoken word performer-type creature. She came to the UK to learn how to be a lawyer but ended up a poet who happens to have studied law. She won the UK National Poetry Slam Championships in 2012 and the Singapore Poetry Slam in 2010. She has performedi n Belgium, France, Germany and many parts of the UK. She is a co-founder of Forget What You Heard about spoken word, hailed as one of the friendliest poetry nights in London.

She is inspired by anger, the absurdity of everyday life, every misadventure she has been on and everything in between. She has also written and performed in two solo shows called Foreigner Go Home (With Me!) in the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival.

Jessica LawJessica Law

When not sitting in a glass hut at the Botanical Gardens telling people they have to pay, Jessica Law writes infuriating nuisance letters, plays with the madcap space folk collective The Mechanisms and writes sinister folk ditties which can be found at She has recently published her first children’s book, A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea and continues to cling to the fantasy of becoming a famous author.

Sasha Rocket is arguably the least funny member of comedy trio The Jokers of Perdition. She enjoys long walks on the beach, Star Wars, Karen Gillan’s face and complaining at strangers under the guise of telling jokes. Her turn-offs include heteropatriarchy and the large power switch on the back of her neck. She was once described as ‘quite funny’ by her mum.

In the arts room…

We have an exciting new addition to the arts room… but we’re not sure what to call it. We’ll be holding a competition to find the best name! To find out more, you’ll just have to come along and see.

Stitching circle
Sasha McKenna will lead our regular stitching circle. If you have your own materials and projects you are very welcome to bring them (especially extra knitting needles!), but don’t worry if not: we’ll be providing a variety of crafting materials for you to get your hands on. We also have yarn, needles and an experienced knitting teacher who can show you the basics in an evening. This being the Quiltbag Cabaret, we’ll be collecting squares to sew into a huge quilt made by our lovely audience and performers. If you would like to contribute, come and talk to Sasha in the art room about making your own square.

Creative card craft and fabric printing
Our guest art activity this month is printing. Make your own greetings cards with Nim, using all kinds of interesting objects to print beautiful patterns. We’ll also have Ellen from Green Shell Printworks. If you’d like to contribute a square to the quilt but knitting isn’t your thing, Ellen can teach you to decorate a square of fabric using screenprinting. You can see some of Ellen’s gorgeous designs here.

Next event

We have already booked the venue for the next event, which will be Saturday February 8th.


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