Next event: March 15th

Our next event is part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival. They have lots of exciting events going on in March so do take a look at their programme.

Here at Quiltbag Cabaret, we’ll be enjoying the comedic talents of Sally Outenpoetry by Hel Gurney and villain cabaret by Emma Lewis (aka Sebastienne Lashings). Read more about all of our performers below.

In the arts room we’ll be making peg dolls of inspirational women. We’ll also have the usual stitching circle, quiltbook and drawing materials.

We’ll be raising money to support Oxford International Women’s Festival, who have been highlighting women’s issues and celebrating the achievements of women for 25 years.

You can sign up to the facebook event (and invite your friends!) here. Tickets will be available on the door or you can buy them in advance here.

The performers:

Picture of Sally OutenSally Outen has been describing the shape of her genitals to audiences for the last three years – and quite frankly, she’s had enough. She’s trans, yes, and an angry feminist, sure, with one of those *complicated* sexualities… but maybe it’s time she listened to the kind people on the Internet and dropped all that activism stuff. Maybe it’s time she *finally* told everyone about her holidays in Indonesia….

Sally has performed at events including Pride London, the Edinburgh Fringe and Cachin Cachan Cachunga.

Hel Gurney is a writer, performer, and researcher. They write prose, poetry, and fairytales that hover somewhere between the two. Their poetry ranges from slam to sonnets, translations to transformations, and mixes literary finesse with raw and bloody passion. This Quiltbag Cabaret, they’re treating us to some never-before-performed work as well as old favourites. Find them at and @hel_gurney on Twitter.

Picture of Sebastienne StardustVaudevillainy by Sebastienne
Sebastienne Stardust wasn’t always one of the bad guys; but she has always been fabulous. As a member of feminist burlesque collective Lashings of Ginger Beer Time (, she wowed the crowds with her personal blend of politics, playfulness, and punchy vocal power. But thanks to the dark temptations (and superlative writing talents) of fellow-Lasher Galatea Gorgon, Sebastienne has come to realise: the bad guys *always* get the best songs. And the best outfits. So now she’s coming out of the closet – a villainness, and proud!

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