Next Event: 31st May, Oxford Pride edition

Our next event is part of the Oxford Pride festival. Performers include Alex Brett/kaberett, Kat Gupta and Jokers of Perdition.

In the arts room, Cheryl from Upcycle Trading will be our guest artist this month. As usual we’ll also have the regular stitching circle, where the Quiltbag quilt is starting to take shape!

Tickets are £7/£5 and available on the door or online.

If you use Facebook, please sign up to the Facebook event and invite your friends!

About the performers…..

Jokers of Perdition are a comedy duo of three people with the sole intention of hearing the sweet, sweet laughter that represents the approval of strangers. Our cat wasn’t really into our jokes but, hey, cats don’t have object permanence. What, you think you can do better than us, cat? You probably can, people love cats. They’re hilarious. Oh, god, we should have just brought the cat out here. Why did we spend all this time writing and rehearsing? What a disaster. Anyway, we’ll be doing sketches and stand-up, since we didn’t bring any cats.

More of our comedy can be found on Tumblr, where you can luckily also find many cats.

Kat Gupta is an academic, trans/queer activist, intersectional feminist and scholar errant. Kat’s creative work explores gender, identity, discomfort, and juxtapositions of the uncanny with the everyday.

Alex is a professional rock-botherer, specialising in volcanoes. When not at their day job, they’re an activist focussing on trans rights, disability, and sex education. The rest of the time, they write fanfic and poetry.


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