Next event: 21st March 2015

Our next event is on Saturday 21st March. In the Cabaret Lounge we’ll have music by Mr Squid and poetry by Jude Orlando Enjolras, editor of Poems for the Queer Revolution.

In the Arts Room we’ll be making shadow art, along with our usual stitching circle.

If you can’t make it in person, you’re welcome to join us for video chat. We’ll be online during the arts session 9 : 15 – 10pm. Log into and look for Quiltbag Cabaret.

As usual, we’ll be in the East Oxford Community Centre from 7:45 – 11:30.

Tickets £7/£5, available on the door or via Eventbrite.

Sign up to the Facebook event.

More about our performers and schedule below the cut…..

photo of Mr Squid playing a pianoMr. Squid
A curious cabaret of absurdly delectable musical delights….
~ Swashbuckling tales of adventure, in which coffee features heavily as a love object, and in which one may provide wild animal noises – see below.. (“Affogato”, “Tira Misu”, “Caffeine Lover”)
~ Brief bawdy Victorian music hall ditties (“The Oyster Song”, “My Broken Vibrator”)
~ pro-Feminist 50’s croon (“Don’t Call Me Darling”)
~ Another popular piece is a lighthearted romp about the ghosts of Valerie Solanis, Doris Day and Marlene Dietrich debunking sexual stereotypes and describing how they prefer lawn mowing and making one’s own porn. It’s called “Ghost Porn”.

Audience participation adds another dimension to the experience, so if you have any cat/dinosaur/hyena noises plus favourite adjectives (polysyllabic or else) lurking in your sleeves to share, please bring them with you?

Content notes for Mr Squid’s set :
Non-graphic sexual references, one or two instances of swearing (f-word used as adjective). Brief non-graphic reference to a plane exploding. Mention of death.

Photograph of JudeJude Orlando Enjolras is a half Polish, Italian / British performance poet and fiction writer with a penchant for monsters and Shakespeare. He is a genderqueer polysexual trans boi, and political about it. Collaborative collection Poems for the Queer Revolution (which does what it says on the tin) is his pride and joy. His work appears in The British Fantasy Society Journal, punkPunk! and Spoke: New Queer Voices (Dog Horn Publishing), and the forthcoming 001: Conversations (MAIA Creatives).

Content notes for Jude’s set:
asexual erasure (mention), alcohol (mention), cissexism, dysphoria, financial hardship (mention), PTSD, queerphobic violence (mention), religion / “sin”, self-harm, suicidal ideation


7:45 Doors open. The bar is open in the Lounge and there’ll be shadow art and stitching in the arts room.

8:30 The first half of the cabaret begins in the Lounge, with music by Mr Squid

9:15 Time to carry on with arts activities, or chill out and chat in the Lounge.

10:00 Poetry in the Cabaret Lounge with Jude Orlando Enjolras

10:45 Raffle winners announced

11:00 Time for more art and socialising

11:30 Time to start packing up!


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