Here’s what other people are saying about Quiltbag Cabaret…..

James Webster at Sabotage Reviews came to our December event:

Quiltbag – an acronym standing for Queer and Questioning, Unidentified, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer

OR – an unbelievably charming, friendly and welcoming evening of crafts and cabaret with a queer-friendly focus.

A cuddly kind of cabaret …

Upon entering Quiltbag on a very brrrr-worthy, cold December night, I was greeted by several tables full of smilings folks all cheerfully making paper snowflakes (and, for the more adventurous, penguins) to decorate the space. It was immediately clear that the event was as much about socialising and making things together as it was about the performing, which gave a very laid-back and comfortable atmosphere to the proceedings.

Led by Ann Domoney, the Quiltbag team have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into making the night as accepting, friendly and safe a space as possible. Everyone’s encouraged to ‘do art’ and reminded that if you’re going to draw someone you should ask their consent first. And throughout the evening tickets were being sold for a raffle in support of Broken Rainbow (a charity dedicated to confronting and eliminating domestic violence within and against the LGBT communities) where the audience could win a variety of cool craft/poetry prizes.

The result is a bit like the event itself has gained sentience and just given you a big old hug.

Read the whole review here:

Alice Nuttall visited us in  February:

Oxford is well-known as a city of culture, with everything from classical concerts to the Cowley Road Carnival. Set against this background, Quiltbag Cabaret, a new queer arts night at the East Oxford Community Centre, had an impressive legacy to live up to.

It didn’t just live up to this legacy, it blew it out of the water. On the 8th February 2014 my best friend Em and I tripped along Cowley Road to the community centre and were greeted at the door by one of the volunteer and Bobby the Pronoun Badger, a small fluffy creature who guards a box of colourful and informative badges. After paying our entry and buying two bright green badges that read ‘she/her’, my friend and I went into the bar and lounge, where the cabaret was just about to begin.

The evening opened with poetry readings from two fantastic writers; the compère Lucy Ayrton, and Patti Dale. This was followed by comedy from the brilliant Ann Domoney, who finished her set by singing a reworked version of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’…about a lioness.

Read the rest of Alice’s post here:

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