Who are we?

Meet the Quiltbag Cabaret team!

Picture of Ann Ann is the overall organiser of Quiltbag Cabaret, and also co-ordinates the performances. She got a taste for putting on queer feminist cabaret events as a member of Lashings of Ginger Beer Time, with whom she took shows to the Edinburgh Festival, the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, and the Feminist Carnival of Cultural Activism. She now performs as a solo cabaret artist. You can find out more about her solo performances here: https://www.facebook.com/anncabaret


Lucy Ayrton

Lucy comperes the cabaret section of the evening. Previously she co-hosted Hammer and Tongue in Oxford, and ran the Flea Circus Open Slam at the Edinburgh Fringe. Lucy is a poet, singer and storyteller whose solo show “Lullabies to Make Your Children Cry”  takes a feminist perspective on fairy tales. She has a shiny new website here.


NimNim co-ordinates the guest art activity. Nim is a friendly person who likes to help make awesome stuff happen. E has a secret stash of crafty ideas and enjoys puns more than is probably good for em.


Trixie Rocket Designs

Sasha McKenna runs the stitching circle. Sasha has a potentially unhealthy interest in clothes and how to make them. She loves anything with needles and has an on-again-off-again relationship with hooks. If you knit, you might like to have a look at her knitting pattern line, Trixie Rocket Designs.


Bobby the pronoun badgerHellooo! I’m Bobby The Pronoun Badger and my pronoun is “it”.
I’ve noticed that you can’t always tell a Human’s gender by looking at them*. So to save you the time and potential embarrassment of asking, I made a selection of badges so you can show the other Humans how you like to be referred to when they talk about you.

*many Humans also seem to think that they “should” be able to tell, but unfortunately their psychic powers as a species are sadly under developed. Worse still, some Humans think that they know better than the individual what gender they are! Even if you think someone is male or female, they may be the other, both or neither (e.g. agender, genderqueer or fluid) – they know best. All Humans deserve to be respected and accepted for who they are.

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