Arts and crafts

There are various arts and crafts activities to choose from at Quiltbag Cabaret.

Sasha McKenna runs a stitching circle at each event. If you have your own materials and projects you are very welcome to bring them, but don’t worry if not: we’ll be providing a variety of crafting materials for you to get your hands on. We also have yarn, needles and an experienced knitting teacher who can show you the basics in an evening. This being the Quiltbag Cabaret, we’ll be collecting squares to sew into a huge quilt made by our lovely audience and performers. If you would like to contribute, come and talk to Sasha in the art room about making your own square.

There will also be a guest artist running a second activity. See the Home page to find out who the guest artist will be at the next event.

We’ll provide paper and pencils, charcoal, pastels, glitter and anything else we think might be fun. If you want to draw or photograph people, please ask their permission first!

You are very welcome to bring your own art materials. There are only two limitations on this: please don’t bring anything noisy, and if you are doing anything messy you’ll be responsible for cleaning up. We’ll provide old newspapers to cover the tables with if you need them.

We’d love it if you would share any artwork you create at the event. You’re invited to decorate a page of the Quiltbook in any way that takes your fancy: words, drawings, photographs, collage…any artform that can lie flat inside the book is welcome! We have permission to fix drawings to the walls in the main hall with white tack during the event. If you scan or photograph your work we’ll be very happy to put it on the GalleryJust email your pictures to or share them on the facebook page.  We look forward to seeing your artwork!

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