8th February 2014

This event was during LGBT History Month. Lots of you got really into drawing!

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Pencil drawing of a woman hugging a lioness

Emily Brady was inspired by Ann’s love song to a lioness.

In a beautiful meeting of art, science and LGBT history, Jonathan and Gavan created a “Quiltbag Turing Machine”! They translated the letters of QUILTBAG into ASCI and then into binary. They wrote the binary numbers on a strip of paper and coloured it in rainbow colours, and created a movable pointer with a picture of Alan Turing’s face. If you’d like to see the Turing Machine in it’s full glory, it is in the Quiltbook!

Pencil drawing of a white man on white paper. There is another strip of paper, coloured with red and orange pencils, inserted into holes cut in the white paper.

A close-up of the movable pointer with a picture of Alan Turing

A long strip of paper coloured in rainbow stripes with binary numbers written at intervals

The full length of the Quiltbag Turing Machine

A pencil drawing of a blue cat and an orange cat snuggled up. The background is pink. There is a heart between the cats' heads, and the words "Love CATS" are written at the bottom left in red.

We don’t know who drew these cats but we like them!

A drawing of a rabbit coloured in pink, blue and purple.

Ally Nuttall drew this lovely rabbit!

A drawing of a green dragon with purple spikes, a pink belly and blue eyes.

Does anyone know what this dragon is saying?

A dragon's head is drawn on the left. It is breathing rainbow coloured fire.

This dragon was drawn on the back of the other.


The word "Bye" is written in gothic font. The B is brown, the y is blue and the e is black. Underneath, in pink lettering, it says "(Arr - 19th - 23rd Sept)

19th- 23rd September is Visibly Bisexual Pirate Long Weekend

A large eye is drawn near the top of the paper, with drops of blue water falling around it. At the bottom the Olympic rings are drawn.

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