Creative Links

The Artist’s Way
Naomi Goldsmith runs a course called “The Artist’s Way”, based on Julia Cameron’s book of the same name. Ann has completed two courses with Naomi and highly recommends it. She wrote about her experiences here.

The course is about discovering and exploring your own creativity, whatever form that might take. Art and creativity are understood very broadly as the course is not focused practising a particular art form, but on understanding and overcoming blocks to creativity. Participants meet face to face once a week in Oxford, in a small supportive group, for 12 weeks. If you’d like to know more, see Naomi’s website. The book is available from the Oxford public library.

Jani Franck
Jani Franck is an artist based in Southampton. She runs a community art cafe, and a website offering resources for supporting creativity. She runs online courses on themes such as finding your inner artist and making a living from creative work. Ann recently took Jani’s course “Follow the Butterflies” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Click here to visit Jani Franck.

Knitting clubs in Oxford
There are loads of social knitting groups in Oxford. Anais Higgins of Feline Women has helpfully written a roundup here:

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