Jokers of Perdition are a comedy duo of three people with the sole intention of hearing the sweet, sweet laughter that represents the approval of strangers. Our cat wasn’t really into our jokes but, hey, cats don’t have object permanence. What, you think you can do better than us, cat? You probably can, people love cats. They’re hilarious. Oh, god, we should have just brought the cat out here. Why did we spend all this time writing and rehearsing? What a disaster. Anyway, we’ll be doing sketches and stand-up, since we didn’t bring any cats.

More of our comedy can be found on Tumblr, where you can luckily also find many cats.

Jokers of Perdition performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on May 31st 2014.

Picture of Sally OutenSally Outen has been describing the shape of her genitals to audiences for the last three years – and quite frankly, she’s had enough. She’s trans, yes, and an angry feminist, sure, with one of those *complicated* sexualities… but maybe it’s time she listened to the kind people on the Internet and dropped all that activism stuff. Maybe it’s time she *finally* told everyone about her holidays in Indonesia….

Sally has performed at events including Pride London, the Edinburgh Fringe and Cachin Cachan Cachunga.

Sally performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 15th March 2014 and again on 20th September 2014. She returns to compere on 16th May 2015.

Sasha Rocket is arguably the least funny member of comedy trio The Jokers of Perdition. She enjoys long walks on the beach, Star Wars, Karen Gillan’s face and complaining at strangers under the guise of telling jokes. Her turn-offs include heteropatriarchy and the large power switch on the back of her neck. She was once described as ‘quite funny’ by her mum.

Sasha performed solo at Quiltbag Cabaret on Friday 6th December 2013, and as part of Jokers of Perdition on 31st May 2014.

Picture of ZimZim, armed with PhDs in “Denying Adulthood” and “Looking Deeply Displeased No Matter The Occasion,” has struggled for years to find the right outlets for expressing their numerous grievances with life. Sure; playing in The Mechanisms has begun to address their concerns with how few people are aware of how unquestionably awesome they are, but what do they do with all their anger – ranging from Entirely Legitimate to Self-Parody – about how *weird* life is? Well, ramble about it at length to any audience who’ll listen, of course.

Zim performed solo at Quiltbag Cabaret on 1st November 2013 and 15th November 2014. They performed as part of Jokers of Perdition on May 31st 2014.


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