Jessica LawJessica Law

When not sitting in a glass hut at the Botanical Gardens telling people they have to pay, Jessica Law writes infuriating nuisance letters, plays with the madcap space folk collective The Mechanisms and writes sinister folk ditties which can be found at She has recently published her first children’s book, A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea and continues to cling to the fantasy of becoming a famous author.

Jessica performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 6th December 2013 and again on 15th November 2014.

CN Lester

picture of CN Lester The music was faultless” – DIVA

Born in Hong Kong and based in London, CN Lester is a musician, trans/queer activist and writer.

Trained as a classical pianist and singer, they’ve released two critically-acclaimed alternative albums – Aether (2014) and Ashes (2012).

Praised by The Independent and The New Statesman as a trans role model, and one of the most influential LGBT people in the UK, they curate the cross-genre arts event Transpose and blog at a gentleman and a scholar.

CN performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 20th September 2014.

Picture of Phousa playing guitarPhousa

The local acoustic singer-songwriter tells tales of love and loves losses, whisking her audience away on hopeful daydreams and leaving them with a warm sense of nostalgia. Find out more information by visiting

twitter @Phousa_Music

Phousa performed at Quiltbag Cabaret  on Friday 1st November 2013 and compered at our Oxford International Women’s Festival event on 15th March 2014.

photo of Mr Squid playing a pianoMr. Squid

A curious cabaret of absurdly delectable musical delights….

~ Swashbuckling tales of adventure, in which coffee features heavily as a love object, and in which one may provide wild animal noises – see below.. (“Affogato”, “Tira Misu”, “Caffeine Lover”)

~ Brief bawdy Victorian music hall ditties (“The Oyster Song”, “My Broken Vibrator”)

~ pro-Feminist 50’s croon (“Don’t Call Me Darling”)

~ Another popular piece is a lighthearted romp about the ghosts of Valerie Solanis, Doris Day and Marlene Dietrich debunking sexual stereotypes and describing how they prefer lawn mowing and making one’s own porn. It’s called “Ghost Porn”.

Mr Squid performs at Quiltbag Cabaret on 21st March 2015.

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