Lucy AyrtonLucy Ayrton comperes the cabaret section of the evening. Previously she co-hosted Hammer and Tongue in Oxford, and ran the Flea Circus Open Slam at the Edinburgh Fringe. Lucy is a poet, singer and storyteller who has so far written and performed two successful solo shows: “Lullabies to Make Your Children Cry” and “The Splitting of the Mermaid”.

Picture of Sophia BlackwellSophia Blackwell was born in the North East and has been performing poetry for just over a decade. She started performing poetry in Oxford with Hammer and Tongue.

Her debut poetry collection, Into Temptation, was published in 2009 and a novel, After  My Own Heart, in 2012. She has been published in Rising, Trespass, Fuselit, Diva and Time Out and performed at Glastonbury, Edinburgh Festival, The Albert Hall and the Roundhouse among many others.

Sophia performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 15th November 2014.

Alex Brett is a professional rock-botherer, specialising in volcanoes. When not at their day job, they’re an activist focussing on trans rights, disability, and sex education. The rest of the time, they write fanfic and poetry.

Alex performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 31st May 2014.

Hannah ChutzpahHannah Chutzpah is a poet and activist living and working in London, who writes wry, funny, feminist and heartfelt poems. She runs the Whippersnapper Press‘s annual Vogon Poetry Slam and holds the title ‘Zombie of the Year’ 2011.
Hannah has played the odd festivals and lots of rooms above pubs. She has been described as ‘fine’ by three therapists; ‘of good character’ by a high court judge; and as a ‘potential maggot-thrower’ by the Metropolitan police.  www.hannahchutzpah.com

Hannah performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on Friday 1st November 2013 and again on Saturday 17th Jan 2015.

Patti Dale is a regular performer at Hear the Word and Catweazle. She performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on February 8th 2014.

Stephanie Dogfoot

Stephanie Dogfoot is a spoken word performer-type creature. She came to the UK to learn how to be a lawyer but ended up a poet who happens to have studied law. She won the UK National Poetry Slam Championships in 2012 and the Singapore Poetry Slam in 2010. She has performed in Belgium, France, Germany and many parts of the UK. She is a co-founder of Forget What You Heard about spoken word, hailed as one of the friendliest poetry nights in London.

She is inspired by anger, the absurdity of everyday life, every misadventure she has been on and everything in between. She has also written and performed in two solo shows called Foreigner Go Home (With Me!) in the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival.


Stephanie performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 6th December 2013

Photograph of JudeJude Orlando Enjolras is a half Polish, Italian / British performance poet and fiction writer with a penchant for monsters and Shakespeare. He is a genderqueer polysexual trans boi, and political about it. Collaborative collection Poems for the Queer Revolution (which does what it says on the tin) is his pride and joy. His work appears in The British Fantasy Society Journal, punkPunk! and Spoke: New Queer Voices (Dog Horn Publishing), and the forthcoming 001: Conversations (MAIA Creatives).

Jude performs at Quiltbag Cabaret on 21st March 2015.


Lyman GambertonMan about town and woman on special occasions, Lyman Gamberton started writing poetry shortly after escaping from the life-pod in which they were engineered. They like sestinas and jokes at the expense of violists. Their poetry will be found online at http://lymanwrites.wordpress.com.

Lyman performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 26th April 2014.

Hel Gurney is a writer, performer, and researcher. They write prose, poetry, and fairytales that hover somewhere between the two. Their poetry ranges from slam to sonnets, translations to transformations, and mixes literary finesse with raw and bloody passion. Find them at helgurney.wordpress.com and @hel_gurney on Twitter.

Hel performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 15th March 2014 and 11th July 2014.

Picture of Keith JarrettKeith Jarrett writes poetry and short fiction. In 2010, he simultaneously held the title of London and UK Poetry Slam Champion. He has since run workshops and co-ordinated school poetry festivals in the UK and beyond. In 2013, his five-star reviewed poetry show Identity Mix-Up debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. In 2014, he completed the pioneering Spoken Word Educators programme, teaching in a secondary school while studying for an MA at Goldsmiths University; he also won the Rio International Poetry Slam championship at the FLUPP favela literary festival.

Keith’s fiction has appeared in anthologies and magazines, including Attitude and Tell Tales IV. His influences range from Caribbean trickster figures to Latin American surrealist authors. He is writing his first novel and a new pamphlet of his poems will be published in May.

Keith performs at Quiltbag Cabaret on 16th May 2015.

ceriCeri Lloyd is an Oxford based poet whose main artistic interests are place, memory, dream, and the conflation of time. O and women. To see more of her work, please visit her website Adventures in Poetry (and the allied site, The Secret Map) https://cerilloyd.wordpress.com

Ceri performs at Quiltbag Cabaret on 16th May 2015.

Photograph of Davy MacDavid MacArnold, or Davy Mac as he’s known on the slam circuit, is the the Nomad poet who wrote the poetry links for the Homeless Oratorio and Sounds of an Unquiet Mind, which played diverse venues from the actors church in Covent Garden, to Spitalfields Music Festival, to the Royal Festival Hall.

Davy is a Koestler Arts Foundation award winning poet and was the 2012 Oxford Hammer and Tongues Slam poetry champion. He writes about life on the streets, and life after the streets in way designed to shatter the urban myths surrounding homelessness and life on Benefits for those with mental health issues. The other string to his bow is writing about being a gay man in the army at a time when it was against the law. Throw in a few love poems, season with a pinch of eco awareness and one or two forgivable little rants against the system, and you have him. Grey, gay, out and proud and won’t get fooled again.

Davy performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 11th July 2014. Sadly, he died on 19th November 2014.


Photograph of Bridget Minamore

Bridget Minamore

Bridget Minamore is a writer who has just completed an English degree at University College London. She facilitates poetry workshops, writes and performs things for all sorts of people, and was shortlisted to be London’s first Young Poet Laureate. Recently, Bridget has been writing about about hip hop, climate change, her 97-year-old grandmother, football, London, Ghana and teeth. She reads a lot of books.

Bridget performed at Quiltbag Cabaret on 20th September 2014.

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