Venue and Accessibility

Quiltbag Cabaret takes place at the East Oxford Community Centre.

Address: 44b Princes St, Oxford, OX4 1HU

Getting here

The Community Centre is about one mile from Oxford City Centre.

The nearest parking is at Union Street.

If you’re coming by public transport, get the no. 5 bus which stops at the train station, the city centre, and close to the Community Centre. Ask to get off at James Street.

Coming from London? We recommend getting the coach rather than the train, as the last train to London leaves Oxford at 23:07. The X90 and the Oxford Tube both run all night and leave from St Clements, which is a short walk from the community centre.

Getting in

Entrance to the venue is via a permanent ramp and through two sets of double doors, each of which can be opened to 150cm wide.

The performance space and the art room are both on the ground floor with step free access. Entrance to the arts room is also through double doors which open to 150cm. The door to the performance space in the Lounge is a single door which is 80cm wide.


There will be enough seating for everyone, and furniture will be organised to leave room for wheelchair users to move around the space.

Seating is unreserved, but if you have an accessibility need for a particular kind of seating (for example: near the stage, near the exit, sofa or chair preferred) please let us know.


There is a wheelchair accessible toilet, and all the ground floor toilets are made gender neutral for the evening.

Quiet space

There is a quiet space in the kitchen, which is also on the ground floor. The kitchen is unfortunately not completely silent as there is a fridge which is a bit noisy, but we hope it will be helpful if anyone needs to be alone for a bit. You’re also welcome to stay in the arts room during the cabaret and vice versa.

There is no background music, to keep noise levels down and make it easier to chat.

Food and drink

We don’t usually provide food but you are very welcome to bring your own. There are many shops nearby on Cowley Road. However, please do not bring your own alcohol. The venue’s own bar will be open throughout the event.

Accessing the event Online

For some members of our community, travelling to the venue to be at the event in person is not possible.  Because of this, we have been looking into setting up a livestream of the performance section, and video chat during the arts and crafts sessions. We recognise that not having this yet stops people joining in and we are sorry for it.

Experiments with video chat have been successful. If you would like to join us via video chat, look for “quiltbag cabaret” on, 9.15-10pm on the day of the events. To ensure consent of people at the event,  we only use a set area of the room and make sure that areas that are “in shot” are clearly marked so people have a choice about joining in.

We’re sorry that we currently lack the technical know how to get live streaming done. We really want to find someone with the right technical skills to help us set this up. If you know how to do livestreaming and are willing to talk us through it step by step (we’re sorry we find it really boggling), and help us set it up please get in touch.

If you have any questions or comments about accessibility please get in touch via the Contact page.

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