This section of the website is for sharing photographs of artwork created at the event. If there are people in your photographs, please get their permission before sharing the pictures! Send your scans and photographs to, or upload them to the Facebook page.

All the artwork here is created by guests at Quiltbag Cabaret, and is owned by the artists. If you recognise your own artwork here and would like to be credited, or would prefer us to remove it, please get in touch.

Click on a picture to see all the pictures for that event.

November 1st 2013

Photograph of black trellis with painted acetate sheets

Guests were invited to paint onto acetate and display their paintings on this trellis

6th December 2013

Drawing of Jessica Law and her band The Outlaws, by Lyman Gamberton

The first contribution to the Quiltbook! Lyman drew this amazing picture of Jessica Law and the Outlaws

8th February 2014

Pencil drawing of a woman hugging a lioness

Emily Brady was inspired by Ann’s love song to a lioness.

15th March 2014

Several pen drawings of Sebastienne Stardust performing

Sebastienne’s Vaudevillainy captured on paper

26th April 2014

Picture of a green dinosaur with purple spikes, made of playdough

Quiltbaggers have a thing for dinosaurs

May 31st 2014

Blue paper with a picture of an animal saying "Such Art. Wow."

Such Art. Wow.

20th September 2014


Sock puppets!

15th November 2014


17th January 2015



21st March 2015

Photograph of a person drawing around the shadow of another person's face projected onto a piece of paper

Shadow art

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